Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greenspan's Body Count: Attorney Thomas J. Fuchs, sons Sean and Kyle Fuchs

Alan Greenspan has been on a rampage in San Diego recently.

Today's killing happened in the suburb of Bonita near Chula Vista.
Police believe that a man shot and killed his two teenage sons and then set their Chula Vista home on fire Tuesday morning before turning a gun on himself.

Suicide notes at the home indicated that the father planned the deaths, the region’s fourth murder suicide since January and the third invovling children since last month, Chula Vista police Lt. Lon Turner said.


Neighbor Pat Valdivia described the man and his sons who lived at the home as the “perfect dad and sons.” He said the boys were always outside playing basketball and football and that they frequently had friends over.

Other neighbors had similar comments about the family. What could drive a loving and devoted family man to such horrors? Regular readers of Greenspan's Body Count already know the answer: debt and Greenspan's economic collapse.

The house at 3641 Bonita Verde Drive is listed as the residence and business address of Thomas J. Fuchs, a lawyer-turned-business-coach. The house, which Fuchs bought in 1994 for $275,000, and which had risen to nearly $1 million in Greenspan's bubble, is now worth about $450,000. There are indications that Fuchs was behind on payments, and he likely sucked out enough equity to hang himself. But even if he hadn't gotten in trouble with the Home ATM, it looks like Fuchs got suckered in by the higher education bubble. He claims a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from little-known Alliant University, which requires 150 units at $1010 per unit! $150,000 of student loans for a no-name degree so you can become a business coach?

May the boys rest in peace, and may Alan Greenspan ponder ever day the economic and personal devastation he caused America.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 176.