Thursday, July 14, 2011

Greenspan's Body Count: Arthur Darnell Bailey

Alan Greenspan has been quite active in the San Diego area recently. Now he's been sighted in the 1-hour commuter community of Murrieta in Southwest Riverside County.
A Murrieta man accused of bilking his elderly mother-in-law out of more than $200,000 was found dead of an apparent suicide in his home last week, the same day he was supposed to be in court to face charges, Murrieta police said Wednesday.

The man's wife, who is also accused of embezzling money from her own mother, apparently also tried to commit suicide in the couple's shared home on the city's north end, Sgt. Phil Gomez said.


The couple came under investigation last year after Brooke Bailey's half-brother reported to police his suspicions that the Baileys were draining the account of his mother, who is now 74.

According to a declaration in support of an arrest warrant for Brooke Bailey ---- an arrest warrant sought after she missed her court appearance last week ---- the victim's checking account showed evidence that money had gone to cover costs including mortgage and utility payments, as well as leasing payments for a BMW.

Greenspan's version of the American Dream was that nobody had to work anymore. We could all just buy more house than we could afford, then get rich as house prices rose to the moon and buy a garage full of toys. Too many people, including Arthur and Brooke Bailey, fell for that nightmare.

The Baileys were listed at 27543 Paper Bark Avenue, which they appear to have purchased in 2007 for $560,000. It is now worth $297,000 according to Zillow.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 184.