Sunday, December 18, 2011

Greenspan's Body Count: Andre L. Turner, Henry Serrano, Robert Scott Lindsay

Another workplace shooting, and -- surprise! -- the killer was deeply underwater on his house.

An employee who killed two people at a Southern California Edison office before taking his own life targeted his victims, a witness said.

The shooter was identified Saturday as Andre Turner, 48, of Norco, the Los Angeles Times reported. He shot four co-workers at the company's information and technology office in Irwin Friday afternoon, including two who were critically injured.
Let's go to the real estate records. Turner was listed at 1495 Andalusian Drive in Norco in California's Inland Empire, ranke the #2 worst place in America.

Turner bought the McMansion in 2004 for $711,000, reportedly put a lot more money into it, and was trying to short-sell it for $590,000.

Workplace disputes rarely end in violence. The psychological impact of severe financial distress caused by Greenspan's bubbles cannot be underestimated. It is what pushes a few, like Andre Turner, over the edge.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 200.


Dr Gene Nelson said...

Great article! However, a bigger factor was another process endorsed by the greedy banker Alan Greenspan - the importation of young, indentured workers from India to replace older American citizens via the controversial (and well-hidden) H-1B Visa program. The Americans are just "thrown away like yesterday's newspaper." I was able to uncover documents from an outsourcing firm in India, Collabera (formerly GCI,) that identify 3 visa holders slated to start work at the SCE Irwindale campus on 15 November 2011. Andre might have been extorted to train his replacement from India as a condition of receiving his meager outplacement benefits. His likely last day of work could have been 16 December 2011, the day of the shooting. More details on request. (One of the managers that he wounded was a 38 year old from India, likely on a H-1B Visa.)

Southern California Edison's CIO is a 59 year old immigrant from Iran. Her total compensation was almost $2 million last year. She is one of the facilitators of the process of importing workers from third-world nations to permanently displace experienced Americans.

You may learn more about my activism via the Google search on BOTH phrases "Gene Nelson" "H-1B" . There were about 2,580 results this morning. See in particular my 2007 article The Greedy Gates Immigration Gambit.